In this book, you will learn many ways to get free content for your website, and then you will publish many articles and you may become a millionaire thanks to me, or maybe not, we’ll see.



So you want to become a profitable blog owner but find yourself without money.


What are you to do?


Give up?


No. That’s not your style, that’s not who you are, you would rather look for feasible options to get to where you want to be in your blogging journey.


Now, you know what you must do to be successful. You know that if you are a blogger or a content-based website owner, then having high quality, engaging and interesting content on your platform will be your number one priority.


Why wouldn’t it be? After all, in order to establish your website as a resource worth following, you need to have hours and hours worth of content on it.


Not just regular content but amazing, high quality content.


Remember that this content doesn’t just have to be there for the sake of being present on your website’s pages. It must serve a purpose so your target audience can see your website as a resource worth following. It must be high quality so those who are reading your content are not put off by grammatical errors. And it must be unique so that your website is not marked as a cheap doppelganger that plagiarizes the work of other writers.



If your target audience finds engaging content on your site, you earn instant followers that turn into repeat visitors. On the other hand, if they don’t find what they are looking for or have read the same content on another site, they forget about your site as soon as they close its tab in their browser.


To add to the importance of engaging content, that’s not the only advantage of having a plethora of content on your site. If your website offers detailed and interesting content, it also enhances your search engine rankings against your target keywords. As a result, you are able to drive more traffic to your site with minimal marketing costs. But if you copy content from other sites, search engines can mark your website as being a plagiarized platform that steals content from other sites. As a result, they can drop your rankings like a hot pan without a second thought.


But for bloggers like you who hold high ambitions yet work with limited resources, this requirement of populating your website with high quality content can be quite tricky. It is because as a blogger or content-based website owner, you don’t have unlimited resources in your arsenal. If you write the content yourself, it takes away from the time you can spend generating revenues from something else. And if you hire someone to write the content for you, then it costs you a small fortune to fill your website with original content.


That’s where the methods of finding free original content come in.


If you know where to look, it is quite easy to find free original content for your website. By following a few steps, you can get high quality and fresh content for your site without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.



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