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A book to help you promote your product or service on Reddit without getting banned or called out for self-promotion.



Blah blah blah blah blah, ReDdIt iS tHe 7th mOst vIsiTed Site iN tHe US, blah blah blah, tiEr 1, fiRsT wOrld tRafFic oNly, blah, blah, blah, 89 DA bAcKliNks, blah blah blah, take my money, blah blah blah, fake, tiring, boring long-ass generic copy quoting information you already know, blah blah…     

No, that’s not what you want to read and that’s now what I want to write. Let’s leave the boring, generic intro to those competing for the “Most Boring & Generic BHW Sale Threads Awards”. If you are checking out a Reddit e-book, CONGRATULATIONS, is the first thing I’m obliged to say to you. 


You finally made it! Reddit is the hardest social media to promote on, because it requires you to actually use your brain and leave the spammer auto-pilot mentality behind. So, congrats and welcome to the big leagues. 


Any Bulgarian monkey can be taught to join a few Facebook groups and post some spammy affiliate links, pin some pins to Pinterest, or post a few pics on Instagram but it takes a really smart kind of monkey to learn to promote on Reddit. 


Reddit is big boy’s game. Promoting there is both an art and a science because unlike other platforms, Reddit is not made for self-promotion; and that’s what makes Reddit traffic so valuable. 


On Reddit you don’t need to compete with thousands of people selling the same stuff you sell, most of the times you’ll be the only one because you’re not even selling, you’re having your usual chat with your buddies at the pub and “casually” mentioning, just in passing or only when they ask, a product nobody even knows it’s yours.


What is this book about?


This book contains 99 ways to promote your product or service on Reddit without getting banned or called out for self-promoting. 


Because I know how incredibly important are, for our self-esteem, the opinions of random strangers online who live across the globe and you will never ever meet in real life. 


Being called out can really hurt our sensitive egos, BUT NOT ON MY WATCH, With this book, you won’t have to call your mommy, or stay up late tossing and turning in bed with insomnia because a stranger online said something mean to you.


What is this book NOT about?


This book doesn’t go over the basics of how to speak English, how to use a computer, how to create a Reddit account, how to get karma to post, or how to clean your bum after explosive diarrhea; that information is freely available everywhere online. 


This book is not about me or my dog, it contains no pictures, background stories or motivational stuff. If you need motivation try ecstasy or cocaine and then come back here. The book contains only the ways to promote on Reddit, and they are in a bullet point list of only 2 or 3 sentences each, because I know big blocks of text are hard to read. 


Also, I don’t sell accounts. There are plenty of Reddit account sellers on BHW marketplace that can hook you up with an account for posting. This book assumes you already have an account with enough karma to post, and if you don’t that information is also freely available online..


What’s the TAT?


You’ll be able to download the book a few seconds after payment, depending on your internet speed.


Can I see a sample of one of the 99 tips?

Yes, here: 


Tip 62: Go to or and post something like “Hi, my name is Vamp Dagina and I really really love Waluigi hentai. Whenever I’m not watching hentai, I’m building websites. I have been a freelance web designer for the past 4 years and I’m now looking for some extra work. I specialize in affiliate websites, sale pages and e-commerce shops. Here’s my portfolio:”–and you link to your affiliate sites–”. The trick here is that you are not actually a web designer, you are just posting this to get traffic to your site, clicks and conversions. Your “portfolio” is actually your money site or sales page in disguise.